My name is Karolina and I am a teacher and self development is my passion. From a very young age I had very clear ideas who I wanted (and not wanted) to be but due to family, cultural and religious influences, I was not able to embody that in every day life but I consequently looked for solutions for myself. After a myriad of different experiences, things finally started to come together. I discovered NLP, then coaching and a talent and passion for working with people outside of a classroom. 

To mirror my inner changes, my external world started to change as well, but I could still feel that something didn't quite fit the way it was supposed to. I battled depression, my marriage fell apart, I could not find a place for myself in this world. It was only when I discovered teacher like Wayne Dyer, Ekhart Tolle or Bruce Lipton, did I begin to change how I viewed myself and the world. 

I recognised that I was an empath and I started learning to trust my intuition and my Sight. I started to get to know my authentic Self and I progressed very fast and I feel just as fast after a period of a "spiritual high". That's when I realised the importance of being grounded and taking care of your body. This led me to discover optimal nutrition as taught by Traditional Chinese Medicine which I practice (and promote) until today. 

Finally, after many years of searching, I feel that every day I am becoming my true Self. 

Working with me? 

I don't call myself a therapist. Rather, I am a journey companion, a guide, a support for those who are looking to return to their True Selves. For those who feel that something is not quite right in their lives, who want change and they believe that change is possible. I support and guide along that journey. 


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