O Nas - Do kogo kierujemy naszą ofertę?

Who can benefit from our services?

How can you take the most benefit from what we have to offer?

Who can benefit from our services?

How can you take the most benefit from what we have to offer?

Therapeutic work really varies from anything else in the service sector. There are no clearly defined products that you can pick up from the shelf. It's based on an interaction with another human being that is completely different from us. He/she comes to us to find out more on a specific subject in order to make his/her life better. That's why we can't say that our offer is for everyone.

The tools at our disposal aim to help by educating. All our actions are aimed at maintaining health. We, therefore, have expectations towards our clients. It may sound cruel, but it is aimed to protect our clients from paying for a service that they are not going to use.

What does this mean in pracice?

  • We expect from our client that they will be ready to make changes or that they have already made this decision that now is looking for experienced people that will help them in that.
  • They understand or want to understand that maintenance of broadly understood health is a task in itself. Health is not something that is given to us and will last forever.
  • They understand that maintaining health and being mindful leads to financial savings and higher quality of life.
  • If you have serious illnesses do not expect a miracle from us. Our aim is to help strengthen and replenish your vitality and health using natural methods. If this allows body to regenerate, this is a welcomed "side effect". :) Regardless of the problem, there are also methods that support the entire human entity like ReiKi or personally adjusted diet.
  • Because our approach is holistic, we don't focus on one organ or person. Family, however you understand it, is the smallest unit and the changes will inevitably affect all the family members.

Obraz Karoliny, kolorowa abstrkacja.

What about these people who are looking for one time advice? They have a specific problem and they want to find out something. Of course they are welcome and we realise such problems also exist in life. Tarot could be a good example of support that can be given to give an answer to a specific question.

However, if you suffering from an allergy, we cannot recommend one herb or tea that will solve your problem as we understand that there is a complexity of reasons that could've led to your allergy.

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