O Nas - Od czego zacząć?

Where to start?

Start with yourself!

Where to start?

Start with yourself!

This is one of the basic questions, and it is difficult to answer. Besides, there is no one answer to this question.
If you want to give answering this question a go by yourself, then keep reading. If you’d like someone experienced to support you in this, check out Contact and Offer.

Is the start really so complicated? Let’s see:

  1. The physical body is an interconnected multisystem of organs and structures. When one starts to fail, others are also affected and after a while, all we can see is a situation where everything is “wrong”. Like all style Christmas light, once one goes, all lights stop working. It’s difficult to indicate which light went bust just by looking at it. And sometimes it’s more than one light ;) In this case, we do not test the lights, but our nervous system. :)
  2. Apart from the physical body, we also have six energy bodies. The more subtle they are, the less we know about them and the less we understand how the connections in them look like and how the connections between different bodies operate. To give an example, the energy body closest to our physical body is ethereal body. This is where the majority of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine work. With a network of meridians and acupuncture points, the sophistication and complexity of this system is quite substantial.
  3. External influence. Today we are bombarded by so many external stimuli, it’s mind boggling.
    When someone goes to seek help for a painful elbow, a good doctor will notice, that there is something wrong with their health. The patient will start a therapy, a lot of things will improve but the elbow hurts more and more. This could be because the reason for the pain was purely physical, for example they may be operating a mouse at work with their hand placed in a way that strains the elbow continuously, not allowing the joint enough time to regenerate.

That's why in practice, we first look at correcting everything that may be wrong. Even when we have to certainty that this is the primary reason. If we’re being mindful, soon, other reasons may come to the surface making it easier to help ourselves. The only condition is an open and holistic approach. If we fix ourselves on looking for a cause and solution in one particular place, we may very well miss the true cause of our problems.

In other words, first do anything that is safe that moves you in the right direction. Going to someone with more experience might be a good option here but the choice is huge.

Where to go? First of all, it’s crucial to decide what is important to you. We really highlight the importance of prevention. That’s the underlying principle in Traditional Chinese Medicine, naturopathy, nutritional therapy, massage and rehabilitation. It may sound weird, but it’s worth to take care of your spine before it falls apart. It ends up being much cheaper and far less painful.

Imagine that you are a mother with two children. You want them to be healthy, and you also want to be healthy, positive and strong to take good care of them. First, ask yourself two questions:

  • Do I have sufficient knowledge to take are of my health and the health of my children in this unnatural environment? Do I really want to experiment on my own children?
  • Will I trust someone who claims to be an expert in their field. How do I check their credentials and how should I know their approach is the right one for me and my family?

More often than not, answers to these questions lead to a decision paralysis. You can choose a commended therapist but it's important to verify the information yourself as well. In the end you can verify if what someone is suggesting is right for you. Concentrate then on learning to autodiagnose.

Start to get to know yourself better. This process should be done concurrently. This means, that you can use services such as ours but you need to spend time on your won education as well. Verify your therapist's work ad learn from them how to take care of yourself every day. It's not about becoming a therapist yourself but about understanding yourself and getting the information that you need to maintain good health every day.

It's not a secret that today a massive amount of chronic illnesses is caused by stress and our emotions. Start with knowledge that is easily accessible and understood. By knowing more, we reduce our inner tension and start taking better decisions. An example of quick, accessible help, can be the Human Design. system. The basics that this system gives are practically free and very valuable. But to get more detail, you need someone more experienced.

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To finish our beginner's guide, the "most important" thing to remember. :) When you are expanding your knowledge, of course use the internet, you can find everything here. But remember to learn from books as well, as the knowledge presented there is fuller and more precise. Learn also from people with experience. Going on different training courses might be helpful from someone who already has some knowledge from books and personal experience.
Never limit yourself to one system. You can prefer one modality ober another but remember that in theory, not everything has been written yet.

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