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Our Offer

Many common ailments have their roots in the psyche

Our Offer

Many common ailments have their roots in the psyche

Our offer is based on the Three Pillars

Therapists listed on this site have their areas of expertise and for your convenience, we've grouped their services into several categories. Thanks to this, it should be easier for you to find what you're looking for.

Most of the therapists are able to work remotely, however below is an example of a service that requires a face to face meeting.

Live blood drop test gives you an overview of your body's condition and gives an objective review of how your physical health is progressing. If you live around Aberdeen, we invite you to give it a try.

When examining remotely, therapists use a range of diagnostic methods, including tongue diagnosis and questionnaire.

Diet choice

What and how we eat is crucial to our health

Supplement choice

Mimo każdej diety – są konieczne.

Energy healing

Try ReiKi and our bespoke methods


Many common ailments have their roots in the psyche


Deeper understanding of who you are

Talk therapy

The most advanced and practical form of therapy

Typical cost of our services

The therapists offer their expertise and their time to best support you on your journey to health.
Typical price is £50 per hour..
Within that, the therapists not only help you solve your life problems but also share their expertise that will serve you for life.
Discount offers for ongoing support are available.
For exact price and payment, please contact the individual therapist.

Don't know what to choose? Contact us!

We'll answer your questions, we'll help and advise how to choose the best course of action with your best interest at heart.

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