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Books worth reading

We recommend these books to your personal library

Books worth reading

We recommend these books to your personal library

There are a lot of self help books available on the market at the moment and just finding what you need takes a lot of work. For this reason, we'd like to offer you some titles to help you get started. Below are some books that we find valuable.

"Cellular Awakening" - Barbara Wren

Okładka książki Barbara Wren - Uzdrawianie Komórkowe

The author describes three stages of therapy that aim to bring back complete health. You'll learn methods to cleanse your internal organs including enemas, colono- or urine-therapy as well as methods to restore hormonal and pH balance. You'll learn how to open energy channels inside your body helping you connect with your inner wisdom.

"The amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush" - Andreas Moritz

This is an excellent title for beginners that would like to find out what are the most important things when looking after your health day to day. Author explains a lot of misunderstandings and debunks many health myths.
Moritz describes in detail how to prepare and conduct a liver cleanse and to clean the gallbladder of gallstones using natural methods. He also lists contraindications and alternative solutions if we cannot conduct the standard procedure.

"The Celestine Prophecy" - James Redfield

Okładka książki James Redfield "Niebiańska Przepowiednia"

"The Celestine Prophecy" is a book perfect for beginners. The author clearly outlines how to navigate the physical world while reading the clues from the "invisible" world.
It's a light and very educational read that comes in three parts. It is an adventure novel, but if you understand and apply the deeper understanding, you can really benefit greatly.

"Hands of Light" - Barbara Ann Brennan

Okładka książki Barbara Brenen-Dłonie pełne światła

This is a very technical book. Brennan describes in detail her own experiences in aura perception and how she used this knowledge in therapy.

"Wyzwolenie" - Dimitri Wereszczagin

Okładka książek DEIR Dimitri Werszczagin

D.E.I.R. to kolejna bardzo techniczna pozycja. Autor przeprowadza czytelnika przez wiedzę o strukturach energo-informacyjnych będących częścią naszego świata. Wszystko przeplata ćwiczeniami tak by każdy miał szansę realnie się oczyścić i wzmocnić. Zdobyć osobistą, energetyczną niezależność.

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