III Filar zdrowego człowieka - Satysfakcja z samorealizacji

Third Pillar of a Healthy Human

Fulfilling self-realisation

III Filar - Satysfakcja z samorealizacji

Fulfilling self-realisation

Realising your passions can be the real spice to our lives. What does that mean? I think you'll agree that eating potatoes without salt tastes completely different than with salt, doesn't it? Life with passion gives us more joy. Our hobby can be intertwined with out work of family life or other. It's very individual. What is important is the discover what is important to you and learn to realise it. This is especially important for men.There are many modalities that allow you to discover your passion, the actions that will give us joy and mean that we will stop noticing the passing of time. They include: astrology, tarot, numerology, I Ching, Mayan Calendar, Human Design and many others. At the end of the day, this is individual work, as these modalities can help but will not give the answer.

Developing out hobbies has been largely neglected in our education system. It is worth to get some advice from people already further down the road to avoid reinventing the wheel. There are many available forms of support available to get the ball rolling. We offer a multilevel approach, working from the basics up, to allow us to work easier with all aspects of our personality and energy.

Szary ptaszek z czarnym dzióbkiem na plaży

Where can you start?

Looking for yourself and what truly interests you in life is one of the most important needs in our lives.

To start with, it is worth taking care of your physical and emotional health. It seems very difficult to do when we feel our life is pointless. In that moment, thinking about improving our health is the last thing on our minds, but please notice that the body is our vehicle thanks to which we experience this early existence. It is much easier to look for life purpose when our vehicle is healthy.

Unfortunately, wonderful affirmations such as: "Love yourself, forgive yourself and others, focus on here and now" work only in theory. They are true but very few people is able to translate them into practice. Theoretically, it would be much easier to make a change on higher energy levels. This is where a person makes a decision whether they are ill or healthy, but in practice this is not so easy.

If we will ask an ill person if they want to be healthy, more often than not, they will say "yes". When asked to say the magic words three times: "I am healthy!", they will do it but nothing will happen as the words where only spoken intellectually. The message was not sent to other parts of our energy bodies. We were never taught how to do this. We were never told that just saying the words is not enough.

When we start to act on our physical body and we start to see positive results, we start to believe in further successes in other areas of our life as well.

We start to have more strength and self determination, and what consequently we start to understand better what gives us joy. We discover our interests and passions and we have strength to realise them.

We help to affirm your will on all levels, not only intellectually. We also help you to find your passion. Your hobby that you'll be able to pursue with reckless abandon.

To start on your journey of self discover, we recommend the fee test from Human Design 🙂

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