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First Pillar of a Healthy Human

Healthy Body

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Healthy Body

We want for our bodies to be strong and healthy, but how should we recognise what our bodies need? It is only when we fulfil what our bodies need, that we can be happy and healthy. There are a couple points of view on this:

This comes from western science. As a society, we started to dissect everything and look into everything in ever smaller details. We ever analyse our individual cells with this attention to detail and this approach has had a lot of success. A good example is Cellular Medicine It focuses on fulfilling the needs of individual cells in our bodies. This knowledge is very detailed and very demanding. To better understand cellular medicine, you have to study for many years and read a lot of books.

In this view, the details do not obscure the whole, and that is a view that we prefer.

First, we'd ask: How do you feel?
And not: Where does it hurt?

Apart from these two standard approaches, it's very important to look at a person holistically.

In this case, the body is seen as a part of a bigger system. Life of an individual is influenced by many different mechanisms. When looking at a person holistically, we go beyond the physical body. Thanks to that, we can see its connections with other systems and relationships between them. We understand that the causes of the problems may be complex and placed beyond the physical body. We don't limit ourselves to working according to just one modality.

For our convenience, we have identified four elements that significantly impact our physical health. They are very well documented in many branches of medicine. 

They are:

Physical stamina

Our physical body is in some sense the vehicle for our existence here on Earth, that allows us to enjoy everyday experiences. Whatever we want to do in our lives, our body is necessary to fulfil our goals. Its health influences our well-being. It should function with ease.

Whether we want it or nor, this vehicle is a complex system and a one sentence advice, such as: " Drink more beetroot juice" is not the way to go.
The body is strongly rooted in and its affected by the environment that it lives in. We could've forgotten that today is the full moon, or that Spring has just begun, but our body knows this and adjusts itself to the surrounding reality.

In our practice, we try to relate basic knowledge. We help you to learn how to best take care of your body. To really take care of your health.
Remember, that the body "speaks" to us. We learn to read these signals during sessions.

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According to Eastern philosophy we should have as little emotions as possible, because every emotions that is too strong or experiences for too long weakens one of our organ systems. In a sense, the emotion drains the energy reserves that the organ has. When you experience a strong emotion, then your liver, lungs or heart work above normal and if this state is prolonged, the organ falls out of balance.

To give an example: Fear weakens our kidneys, and sadness weakens our lungs. But joy, that we like so much, weakens our heart. These simple examples have been reminding is for thousands of years about one thing - the path to health lies in the middle!

Emotions are necessary, but they should be like a dessert - experiences sometimes and for a short time. In our every day lives, what gives us strength is inner peaceAchieving inner peace is not always easy. How emotional we are says a lot about our general health and wellbeing. An emotion is not only something that happens to us. It is something that interacts with out bodies. It influences our bodies and is radiated outward through mechanisms that are not yet well understood. However, we have learnt to manipulate these mechanisms by over consuming alcohol, smoking cigarettes or using plant medicines. There is no doubt that these substances interact with our emotions very quickly. The change is very quick. Way too quick.

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As humans we process an incredible amount of information in our heads. And for what? Are all of them really necessary? It is said that human thought is limitless. Some people would argue that the same is true of human stupidity, but either way our thoughts directly translate into out physical health. To simply this, let's forget where does the though come from. What's important is that it appeared in our head. From that moment on, what happens is pure magic.

You are the one who decides what to do with this thought. If you want to pay attention to it, or ignore it. If you decide to pay attention to is and continue, your emotions get activated straight away. And your emotional system has its own ideas about the thought that has just occurred. If emotions appeared, the hormonal system also responded. Muscles don't want to be left be left behind and they also react. So the symptoms in the physical body start appearing. Positive or negative - depending on the type of thoughts that you entertain ;)

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External influence

Let's assume that something called good and bad luck exists. You move into a new apartment, and then you choose a spot for your desk and bed. You arrange everything taking into consideration practical and/or aesthetic aspects. If you are lucky, the spot you've chosen with radiate positive energy but if you're not so lucky, you may end up placing your bed over a subterranean water vein. For our bodies, the time of radiation that such a vein emits is extremely harmful and will weaken us slowly causing many ailments.

There are many different external influences. They are connected not only with radiation but also with noise pollution, or toxins released by invisible mould.

We want to highlight, that the environment that you are in also requires verification. This can be done by radiesthetic assessment, that we also use in our practice. Without this, holistic approach is not so "holistic".

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