II Filar zdrowego człowieka - Zdrowe relacje partnerskie

Second Pillar of a Healthy Human

Healthy relationships

II Filar - Zdrowe relacje partnerskie

Healthy relationships

The relationships in our lives have a direct influence on our well-being. This connection is deeply embedded in our nature. After all, we are social beingsso naturally, we crave connections with other people in different areas of our lives.

We thing that money is the most important thing for us. Very often it is money that gives direction to our actions. We don't even realise how faulty this thinking is. Very often, we only begin to see this on our death beds. Does it have to be this way? As private research of a nurse shows, our views shift radically just before our death and we stop concentrating on wealth.Instead, we focus on our emotional state and on things we haven't done in our lives and what we liked the most.

Because the subject of relationships are directly connected with our emotions, it is also very complex. We will gladly recommend some psychological self help books to read if you like, but our ultimate goal is to effectively and professionally help to develop this area of your life.

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It is our job to understand ourselves and the person closest to us. It seems to be so easy. In any relationship - partnership or group, we feel best when we experience mutual understanding and acceptance.We don't recommend the reverse order as it may lead to very low self esteem. To say it plainly, we need for our true selves to be accepted, not the masks we put on. That's why first, we should be understood, and then accepted. Do you feel understood in your current relationships? Below are some basic steps to build the relationships of your dreams.

  1. The first step is to really get to know, understand and accept yourself. "I" is not only your everyday consciousness, your Ego, or your characteristics. It is also a lot of our beliefs that we ignore in every day lives.
  2. Once we like ourselves while working on the best version or ourselves ;) we present this to our partner and our environment. Of course different people like different things, so only a few people will actually like us. Those are the very people we are looking for!
    Looking for satisfying personal relationships is a separate and extensive subject that requires practical application.
  3. Thanks to self understanding and self acceptance we will be able to offer understanding and acceptance to others. We will be able to understand them and decide if we accept them the way they are. That's how exceptional relationships are formed that give real flavour to our lives. Others also feel great, when they are with us, because we understand and accept them.

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Does realising the above advice seem easy to you? We often thing why people on the street have a grim expression on their faces... Exceptional relationships full of understanding and acceptance mean that even the most difficult tasks in our lives become easy. We can feel the support of someone close to us even when they are not near.

You probably realise that going from theory to practice is not easy. Our society shapes us in a way that it is difficult for us to get beyond the vicious circle of our personal problems. We need someone who will help us to find the source of our personal problems. One of these sources can for example be too high expectations we have with ourselves. This means we go round in circles. As a result we get more and more frustrated. We need tools and pointers that will help us change this unpleasant state. It is because of this surrounding us reality that it is useful to sometimes make use of a qualified therapist, coach or counsellor.

This is where we come in. We provide you with tools.

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